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Welcome to Wonders Ice Cream & Boba

Wonders Ice Cream & Boba Minnesota's First Rolled Ice Cream Shop!


Stephen Diveley
Excellent choice of flavors. Small business. Unique way of freezing and rolling your ice cream while you watch.
Cindy Adamson
Tiny shop with delicious ice cream and friendly employees. The ice cream takes longer to make than regular scoop ice cream, but it's worth the wait.
Michael Scheie
Small shop but workers were quick on orders. A fun and different way to have ice cream since it’s rolled! Menu has a wide selection of ice cream flavors/toppings to choose from. There’s also the option to build-your-own.
James Mattson
Winter or summer always worth the trip. Little icecream shop was open late. Nice techniques of thai rolled icecream great toppings! Good price. Hope to be back soon!
Joe J.
*NOTE* If you're looking for this place with Apple Maps, it's NOT near the hospital. It's at the exact same address in a different zip code! The correct...
Alyana S.
I had been looking for a Thai Rolled Up ice cream shop and this was one close to me! I enjoyed getting the cookie monster and thought it was delicious! I am...